Schlomer Haus gallery

Schlomer Haus Gallery, established in October 2021 in San Francisco, is deeply committed to providing a platform for next-gen and mid-career queer artists.


Our mission is to be a hub for artistic expression, a place where both artists and art enthusiasts can come together to celebrate and explore the ever-evolving world of contemporary art. By amplifying diverse voices and perspectives through the compelling works of underrepresented and emerging artists, SHG becomes a space where these voices can resonate and inspire.


SHG has exhibited works by Clifford Prince King, Zackary Drucker, Matt Lipps, Chloe Sherman, Kostis Fokas, Jun Yang, Colin J. Radcliffe and Kevin Sabo.



Steffan Schlarb

Director, Co-founder


Gallerist Steffan Schlarb is a former Creative Director, now dedicated to fostering a thriving LGBTQ+ arts scene as the Director and Co-founder of Schlomer Haus Gallery. From his early days in San Francisco in the ‘90s,  Schlarb has been committed to the vibrant culture of the city and its diverse arts scene. 

Navigating a career in the creative industries, he earned a reputation for designing logos, identities and experiences for brands, large and small. Just before the gallery’s inception, Schlarb hit a big milestone in his career, a signal to move on.

In 2021, Schlomer Haus Gallery was born, connecting Schlarb’s passion for working with patrons and artists, with his driving desire to give back to San Francisco by providing a platform for emerging and underrepresented artists. He saw the opportunity to not just curate works, but to provide a physical space to interact with art and each other.  Schlarb also serves on the EDI committee for ArtSpan, a San Francisco, California, nonprofit organization that produces the oldest and largest artist open studios event in the United States. He is an organizing board member of the Castro ArtWalk as well.



2128 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
United States
email: info@schlomerhaus.com
Tel: (415) 275-0960


Tuesday - Saturday: 12pm - 6pm 

Sunday, Monday: Closed

Also by appointment


Press Inquiries

Heidi Johnson | Hijinx Arts | heidi@hijinxarts.com