Renaissance Of Reclamation: Devynn Barnes

12 January - 24 February 2024
“The Cowfolk are disparate, but also quite silenced. Their influence is woven into the culture by way of fashion, entertainment, and music—The Renaissance album is a great example—but the goal is to provide a time capsule to honor their space in a way that it hasn’t been honored. The work shines a light on the Cowfolk as an ode to those that came before.” - Devynn Barnes

The exhibition is a curation of immortalized moments of black and brown bodies; there is insistence to be acknowledged and vulnerability in welcoming viewers to witness these bodies in stillness, motion, communion, groundedness.

The visuals in the exhibition come from absence and deep cravings of histories that have not widely been taught, born of years of searching to unearth her roots as a Black queer woman by way of personal exploration and search for resonance in representation.

Zooming in and out of focus as she plays with level of detail and looseness of definition, the moments captured through paint, film and photo take on an ethereal nature existing across time, in a freedom of timelessness.


Weaving together the fluidity of black and brown experience, creating space for the seemingly disparate narratives of melanated queer and cowfolk to co-exist in reclaiming admittance to our interconnected archives.