Go West: Hunter Harvey

24 March - 29 April 2023
Welcome to Go West- an exhibition that invites viewers on a journey of discovery and queer love through the American West. The title of this exhibition pays homage to the Village People's iconic 1979 queer anthem - a song that spreads a message of hope, liberation, and the power of community. As an artist who recently moved westward to California, I asked myself what kind of world do I want to live in, and what kind of world can I build through painting. These works offer a glimpse into that world - one where love and desire of all varieties is celebrated and seen often.Many works in this show reimagine iconic characters from American pop culture, particularly Fred Flintstone and Smokey the Bear. Through painting, these characters are seen as queer heroes navigating their own personal journeys toward a better world out west, while embracing the authentic version of themselves. Depicting these cultural giants as proud and queer invites hope for everyday queer representation - in the cartoons we watch and the billboards we pass.Go Westis an invitation to embrace the fullness of our own identities and experiences, and to celebrate the beauty and power of queer love in all its forms.